"Confidence is always in season!" Kendra featured in Fashion photographer Corina Howell's video creation!

"Confidence is always in season!"

Fashion photographer Corina Howell launches her first video creation and calls upon her friends to help her out! Kendra participated in the video and had this to say:

"I would have to say that being asked to be a part of the project was perfect timing. After living through personal tragedy last year, I have had to rebuild my life from what felt like the ground up. In doing so, and with the best support system I could ever ask for, I was able to, despite the deepest pain I've ever known, get through each minute, with a strength and confidence I didn't think could be there, in those moments. As [my mom] lives on, inside my heart, I gain my strength from that. I thank you for this project of yours! It's not only about fun, seasonal make-up and outward beauty, but about the confidence that radiates from within, and beautifies, every season, throughout the year!" - Kendra

Attitude. Style. Personality. Fun. Confidence. They're always in season! Music by Yacht.

Pause to look...

Another beautiful day in Southern California yesterday took me to Rancho Palos Verdes. I was greeted by stunning views and postcard worthy sights. It was nice to pause and take in the beauty as well as the warm glow of the perfect sunset.